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20mm Opalite Carved Stone Angel  20mm Opalite Carved Stone Angel 
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20mm Opalite Carved Stone Angel Height approx: 20 mm Made from: opalite Colour: blueish-white Carry this angel with you in your pocket or keep it in the relationship areas of your home to bring you love and peace. Your relationship area is your bedroom or the far right corner of your home as you view it from your front door. NOTE: all carvings and stones are individual and yours may vary slightly…
Opalite Heart 33mm Opalite Heart 33mm
In stock
Opalite Heart 33mm A stone heart cut from polished opalite. The perfect size to carry in your pocket or keep under your pillow. Size approx: 33 x 27 x 18 mm Colour: milky, blue-ish white with flashes of red and orange
Opalite Pendulum Opalite Pendulum
In stock
Opalite Pendulum An opalite pendulum for dowsing and divination. Opalite is a gentle, delicate and calming stone which is considered to be good for enhancing psychic vision. Ensure you cleanse your pendulum's energy by leaving it in the moonlight for a night before use.
Opalite Pyramid Opalite Pyramid
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Opalite Pyramid With a square base, this is a polished pyramid of opalite. It sits 18 mm tall. Size approx: 30 x 30 x 18 mm Colour: blue-ish white with flashes of red and orange


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