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Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils, also known as essential oils, are highly concentrated and fragranced oils which have been obtained by distilling different parts of a plant.

Since time began our ancestors have been burning herbs and scented bark to ward off evil spirits. They anointed their bodies with scented oils and treated wounds with herbal concoctions. The ancient Egyptians used essential oils in the preservation of their dead.

In 1910, a French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, burned his hand and noticed that the burn healed quickly and without a scar after he treated it with lavender oil.

Ways to use Aromatherapy Oils

1. Mix 20 drops of your chosen oil with 600 ml of a carrier oil. Run a warm bath and sprinkle six drops onto the surface before enjoying a long, relaxing soak.

2. Blend 8-10 drops of a skin-friendly oil with a carrier oil and massage into the skin.

3. Fill the reservoir of an oil burner (also known as a diffuser or vapouriser) with water and add a few drops of your favourite oil. Light the candle beneath to fill the room with a fabulous aroma.

4. Sprinkle a couple of drops of a perfumed oil such as sweet orange or geranium onto your hairbrush and brush through your hair instead of wearing commercial perfume.

5. Mix 15 drops of lavender oil with 125 ml of water and spray onto your laundry as you iron it.

6. Add 4-6 drops of oil to either hot or cold water then soak a piece of fabric in it to make a compress; hot to relieve chronic pain and cold to reduce swellings.

7. For blocked sinuses or a stuffy nose, add 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil to a large bowl of hot water. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl inhaling slowly and deeply until the vapours ease your breathing.


Do not apply undiluted oil to your skin unless directed to do so by a qualified practitioner.

Carry out a patch test before using any oil.

Do not take oils internally unless directed to do so by a qualified practitioner. Keep oils away from your eyes.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the same essential oil.

Do not use aromatherapy oils if pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are epileptic, asthmatic or have any health concerns, consult a qualified practitioner before use.

Otherwise, enjoy experimenting with endlessly fascinating combinations of aromatherapy oils.

Geranium Aromatherapy Oil Geranium Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Geranium Aromatherapy Oil Geranium oil is distilled from the leaves, stalks and flowers of the plant.  It a sweet, rose-scented smell. It has antiseptic and astringent properties and is widely used for skin care, relief of stress and depression, PMS and alleviating the effects of the menopause. Suggested blends: geranium oil blends well with any of the citrus oils Size: 10 ml WARNING: do not use u…
Grapeseed Carrier Oil Grapeseed Carrier Oil sale
In stock
Grapeseed Carrier Oil Grapeseed is known as a carrier or base oil because it is used to carry the concentrated and powerful aromatherapy oils when applied to the skin.  Grapeseed is obtained from the seeds of the fruits and does not have an aroma of its own. Massage is a great way to get the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils as massage will increase circulation and stimulate the organs of th…
Lemongrass Aromatherapy Oil Lemongrass Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Lemongrass Aromatherapy Oil Lemongrass grows in the tropics and is much used in Thai cooking.  Its oil has that same fabulous sweet, citrus scent. Lemongrass essential oil is much used to treat anxiety and depression, and who doesn't need help with that these days! Suggested blends: lavender, ylang ylang Size: 10 ml WARNING: do not use undiluted aromatherapy oils directly on the skin.  Consult a h…
Patchouli Aromatherapy Oil Patchouli Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Patchouli Aromatherapy Oil Patchouli oil is distilled from the plant's soft, furry leaves.  It has a very distinctive warm, earthy and musky aroma; anyone who remembers the 1960s will recognise it instantly. It can be used as an insect repellant, to prevent fungal growth and as an aphrodisiac. Suggested blends: geranium, tea tree, ylang ylang Size: 10 ml WARNING: do not use undiluted aromatherapy…
Peppermint Aromatherapy Oil Peppermint Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Peppermint Aromatherapy Oil Peppermint is a herb that many people grow in their gardens.  It has a fresh, clean smell that we immediately associate with toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum.   The essential oil is distilled from the flower tops. It is commonly used to unblock sinuses, relieve muscle pain, repel insects and increase energy. Three or four drops of peppermint oil in hot water make a…
Rosemary Aromatherapy Oil Rosemary Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Rosemary Aromatherapy Oil Rosemary is a commonly grown, evergreen herb with pretty blue flowers.  The essential oil is distilled from the flowering tops of the plant. Rosemary oil is used extensively in hair care, to prevent dandruff and add shine to the hair.  It is believed to aid memory and concentration and research is being undertaken to see if it can slow the progress of dementia. Suggested…
Sage Aromatherapy Oil Sage Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Sage Aromatherapy Oil Sage is a commonly grown herb which is often cooked with pork.  Steam distillation of the leaves is used to extract the essential oil. Sage is known as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and is used to boost the immune system as well as for hair and skin care. Suggested blends: tea tree, lavender, rosemary Size: 10 ml WARNING: do not use undiluted aromatherapy oils directly on…
Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil Sweet Orange essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit by a method called cold pressing. The oil smells just as the fruit does when you press the peel between your fingers and break into the fruit - sweet, zingy and citrusy. This is a comforting oil that lifts the mood and can alleviate anxiety and depression. Suggested blends: lavender, sage, peppermint S…
Tea Tree Aromatherapy Oil Tea Tree Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Tea Tree Aromatherapy Oil Tea tree essential oil is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the tree.   It has a strongly medicinal smell, similar to eucalyptus, and is used as an antiseptic and antifungal.  It is an excellent oil to keep in your first aid kit to treat wounds and such conditions as insect stings and athlete's foot. Suggested blends: geranium, lavender, rosemary Size: 10 ml WARNING:…
Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Oil Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Oil
In stock
Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Oil The ylang ylang tree grows in the rainforests of Asia and the Pacific and it is pronounced ee-laang ee-laang. The flowers smell exotic, floral and sweet.  The closest description is of a mix of almonds and jasmine.  The freshly picked flowers are distilled to produce the essential oil which is widely used in the cosmetic industry. The oil is used to treat stress and te…


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