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Oil Burners, Diffusers and Vaporisers

Oil burners, diffusers and vaporisers are a method of bringing heavenly aromas into the home using oils or waxes. The burner, diffuser or vaporiser will have a reservoir for water at the top and space below for a night light candle, also called a tea light.

Fill the reservoir with water and add a couple of drops of your favourite fragrance oil or aromatherapy oil. Alternatively place some wax melts into the reservoir. Light the candle and place it underneath.

The heat from the candle will heat the water and release the lovely aromas from the oils to fragrance your room, or melt the wax, again releasing its gorgeous fragrance.

Keep a close watch on the water level and top up regularly to ensure it does not boil dry and crack. To protect your furniture always stand on a heatproof mat.

Try adding more than one oil to create your own unique fragrances.

Ceramic Owl Oil Vaporiser Ceramic Owl Oil Vaporiser
In stock
Ceramic Owl Oil Vaporiser A ceramic oil burner in the shape of an owl. There is a hollow in the top of its head to hold the water and oil, or wax melt and the night light candle sits in the back. There are holes in the front of the bird's chest to see the flame burning. Size: 5.5" Colour: cream and brown Always make sure to keep the reservoir topped up with water whilst in use. Oils and candles no…
Elephant Oil Burner/Vaporiser Elephant Oil Burner/Vaporiser
In stock
Elephant Oil Burner/Vaporiser Add a couple of drops of your favourite fragrance or aromatherapy oils, with water, to the reservoir at the top of this oil vaporiser to make your room smell delicious. The candle is inserted from behind and there are elphants embossed around the sides and front. This burner has a large water reservoir so will not need to be topped up with water as frequently as most…
Oil Vapouriser with Bumblebee and Daisies Oil Vapouriser with Bumblebee and Daisies
In stock
Oil Vapouriser with Bumblebee and Daisies Enhance your room's senses of smell and sight with this pretty, bumblebee oil burner. It has a framework of silver-coloured, metal wire work and frosted glass panels. It is decorated with a hand-painted, enamel bumblebee and daisies which have been embellished with clear crystals. There is a metal nightlight holder at the base for the candle and the oil an…
Teapot Oil Burner/Vaporiser, white Teapot Oil Burner/Vaporiser, white
In stock
Teapot Oil Burner/Vaporiser, white This oil vaporiser/burner is in the shape of a teapot sitting on an old-fashioned stove. The top of the teapot lifts off to reveal the water and oil reservoir. The lid is replaced and there are holes in the lid, as well as the spout, to allow the vapor to enter the room. The candle is inserted from behind and there are holes along the top of the stove so you can…


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