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Amethyst Geode 120x85x100mm Amethyst Geode 120x85x100mm
In stock
Amethyst Geode 120x85x100mm This amethyst geode is a rich, dark purple colour.  It is approximately 100 mm tall. Size approx: 120 x 85 x 100 mm
Blue Apatite Palm Stone 53x36x19mm Blue Apatite Palm Stone 53x36x19mm
In stock
Blue Apatite Palm Stone Size approximately: 53 x 36 x 19 mm
Face Mask Narcissus and Daisy Pattern, medium Face Mask Narcissus and Daisy Pattern, medium
In stock
Face Mask Narcissus and Daisy Pattern, medium A must for shopping, travelling on public transport and for re-assurance at any time you are out and about, this face mask has a pretty narcissus and daisy pattern.  Made from a double layered, stretch fabric, it is washable and re-useable.  It has adjustable straps. Size: medium Colour: white with greens, yellows and pinks Wearing a face mask protects…
Hand Sanitizer - Spread Love Hand Sanitizer - Spread Love
In stock
Hand Sanitizer - Spread Love Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is known to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and can help protect you from Covid-19.  Frequent hand washing is not always possible when you are out and about but those are the times you most need to keep cleaning your hands.  This handy, pocket-sized container of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer will help protect you.  Squirt the gel onto your…
Himalayan Salt Lamp, small Himalayan Salt Lamp, small
In stock
Himalayan Salt Lamp, small Himalayan rock salt is a natural product which is believed to act as an air purifier by emitting a stream of negative ions into the air.  This can be helpful in our modern day homes, which are full of potentially health damaging electrical appliances such as computers and mobile phones.  The dehumidifing properties may also reduce airborne pathogens. The health benefits…
Hot Pride, Venice Beach, CA by Dave Ayers Canvas Print Hot Pride, Venice Beach, CA by Dave Ayers Canvas Print
In stock
Hot Pride, Venice Beach, CA by Dave Ayers Canvas Print A rainbow-coloured lifeguard station sizzles in the hot summer heat of Venice Beach, California in this canvas print.   This photograph was taken by local Bognor Regis photographer, Dave Ayers.  It is printed on canvas and stretched over 18 mm wooden bars.  There is a hook on the back to hang the picture on the wall. Size: 12" x 12"
Labradorite Freeform 73mm Labradorite Freeform 73mm
In stock
Labradorite Freeform 73mm A gorgeous freeform, polished chunk of labradorite. Approximate Dimensions: width and depth: 36 x 50 height: 73 mm
Rose Quartz Moon Gazing Hare Rose Quartz Moon Gazing Hare
In stock
Rose Quartz Moon Gazing Hare This rose quartz stone has been carved and polished into the shape of a moon gazing hare. Size approx: 26 x 40 mm; 50 mm high
Sodalite Buddha Sodalite Buddha
In stock
Sodalite Buddha Carved from Sodalite, this is a sitting Chinese Buddha. Approximate Size: 32 x 18 mm 30 mm high
Tree of Life Himalayan Salt Lamp Tree of Life Himalayan Salt Lamp
In stock
Tree of Life Himalayan Salt Lamp Our world is full of electromagnetism from electronic appliances, such as mobile phones and computers, which can be harmful to us.  Himalayan rock salt is thought to reduce the effects by emitting negative ions into the air and acting as a natural air purifier. Enjoy the look and benefits of this hand-carved, natural rock salt lamp in your home or workspace. When t…

Spots and stripes and all things nice!

Polkadot Stripes is the place to come when you need gifts for friends and family but simply can't imagine what you are going to buy. Both at our store in the heart of Bognor Regis and here online, we offer an eclectic mix of fun, funky and appealing gifts. From pretty jewellery to gothic treasures, our ranges offer something for everyone and at very reasonable prices.

You'll be tickled pink when you solve all of your present buying problems in one place!

Cool Collectables

Everyone collects something and so our cool collectables are sure to hit the spot every time. Delve into the world of Harry Potter and cast a spell over a special friend with the gift of magic or get gothic with our sensational steampunk gifts and skulls. There are dragons, fairies and unicorns galore together with a liberal dose of Games of Thrones and so you cannot fail to strike gold with our collectable gifts.

Memorable Accessories

It's essential to accessorize. Once you have acknowledged this undeniable fact, present buying becomes much easier and don't forget to treat yourself while you are here. Our bags, keyrings, purses and wallets include a raft of must-haves and, trust us, you need our mint tins. Your life won't be complete without them.

Gifts for Home Makers

We all cherish our homes and so you will discover amazing ideas for everyone amongst our gifts for home makers. With candles, home fragrance, art, photo frames and signs to choose from plus much more, you will never be short of inspired ideas, no matter how many birthdays are coming up soon.

Jewellery to Remember

It's always nice to find gifts which are personal to the recipient. Featuring birthstones and birth signs, our gorgeous jewellery is exactly that. Better still, you will discover a wonderful array of precious and semi-precious gems offering stunning colour, texture and sparkle. Our bracelets, necklaces and earrings offer plenty to please including their prices. We haven't forgotten the men in your life either as our amazing cufflinks enable gents to wear their hobbies on their sleeves.

Gift Search

Here's where we make life much easier for you. We have created collections for specific occasions and family members so that you can home in on what you need in double quick time. If that unique gift for your mum has eluded you or you have been searching in vain for a Father's Day offering, your problems are now over.

Gift Bags and Cards

Let's face it, even the most impressive gift won't have the desired impact unless it is beautifully presented. Our carefully chosen gift bags, tissue and greetings cards ensure that you really make an impression when you hand over the goodies. You don't even have to get the sticky tape out to imbue your gifts with incredible panache.


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