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Artist Profiles


Anne Stokes

Anne Stokes is a widely acclaimed, fantasy artist whose interest in this world started at an early age, when her father used to read to her from the book The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien.

Her art career started designing tour products for bands, including Queen and the Rolling Stones, and she has also worked as a jewellery designer and sculptor.

One of Anne Stokes' Skull Tattoo designs was used on a t-shirt worn by Mike TV in Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". The album cover for One Minute Silence's debut album, Available in All Colours, was designed by Anne Stokes.

Anne Stokes has produced concept art and illustrations for "Dungeons and Dragons". She uses symbolism to convey meaning and her work ranges from romantic and magical to gothic vampires. Originally from London, Anne Stokes now lives with her family near Leeds in the north of England.
Anne Stokes designs

Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose is based in West Sussex, not far from Polkadot Stripes. Her work is inspired by the glorious South Downs which surround her home and the stunning sea views of the English Channel to the south.

She has a BA Hons degree in design and loves to work in watercolours, using a loose, natural style. Her favourite designs involve flora, fauna and the beautiful countryside.
Jennifer Rose designs

Joe Ramm

Joe Ramm

Joe Ramm is a Brighton-based artist who lives by the sea with her family and dog Tinker. She likes to paint dreamy landscapes and whimsical narrative art. Joe is strongly influenced by the Sussex landscape and also by the West Country. She often plans her next piece of art whilst walking by the sea.

Joe studied at the Harrow School of Art and then worked in London as an editorial illustrator before moving to Brighton and creating her own work. She works from a studio at the bottom of her garden.

She has previously exhibited in the Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, the Brighton Art Fair and takes part in the Brighton Open House Festival.
Joe Ramm art works

Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker, the fantasy and wildlife artist, has been drawing since she could first hold a pencil. She was the original artist at Nemesis Now, for whom she still designs her fabulous witchcraft art, although she does much more freelance work nowadays.
Lisa Parker designs

Matt Buckley

Matt Buckley

Matt Buckley is a designer and sculpture who works from his studio in Shropshire. He has over 20 years' experience as a sculptor and his style is distinctive and edgy. He work mainly depicts animals and every piece will make an impressive statement in any room.

He starts his sculptures by sketching his design and then creating an armature, or framework, to support the wet clay.

A liquid rubber is used to create a mold. It is poured into a sealed case which holds the clay model. Once set, it is carefully cut so the mold can be removed from the original model.

A special mix of marble stone resin is poured into the new mold and a first sample is created. From this, all subsequent sculptures are created, each one being skillfully hand-finished and hand-painted.
Matt Buckley sculptures

Sam Toft

Sam Toft

Sam Toft can often be found walking along the beach in Brighton or Hove with her family and dogs.

She has created an entire imaginary world for her characters, Ernest Hemmingway Mustard, his wife Violet and their dog Doris.

Many of Sam's art works feature these characters. Ernest is a professional, tuneless hummer and part-time hurricane predictor of Brighton and Hove. They all live in a not-so-damp basement flat. Doris is a grumpy and rather portly Jack Russell terrier.

Sam works in oil pastels and coloured inks to show us their adventures. She uses proper artists' materials along with kitchen towels, items of cutlery, steel pen nibs, pencil dust, old tooth brushes and her own finger and thumbs technique.
Sam Toft art works


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