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Guide to Tumble Stones

Crystals are beautiful and come in many different colours. They are also believed to have healing powers.

Carry them with you as tumble stones or as jewellery, add them to your bath water or place them around the house and workplace. Which ever way you use your crystals enjoy their beauty and energy.

Blue Striped Agate Tumble Stones

Blue Striped Agate Tumble Stones

Agate is formed by volcanic lava bubbles when they cool and slowly fill with crystalline bands.

Our Blue Striped Agate tumble stones come from Brazil. The stones have been tumbled until smooth and then dyed to bring out the beautiful, natural patterns of the rock.

Blue Striped Agate is viewed as a good, overall healing stone. It is used to ease the pains of strains and sprains.

Amethyst Tumble Stones

Amethyst Tumble Stones

Amethyst, a semi-precious gemstone, is a violet variety of quartz. It was worn by the ancient Greeks who decorated their drinking cups with it, believing that the stones would prevent drunkenness. These Amethyst tumble stones come from Brazil where they were formed millions of years ago in volcanic rock.

Amethyst can be useful to artistic people as it is used to aid creative thinking, spiritual awareness and healing. It is the Chakra stone of the brow or third eye.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and the zodiac stone for Aries. It is a 6th anniversary stone.
Amethyst Birth Stone

Beware that amethyst fades in sunlight but kept under your pillow it can aid sleep and protect against nightmares.

Aquamarine Tumble Stones

Aquamarine Tumble Stones

Aquamarine is the colour of sea water, hence its name. It is a variety of beryl and forms as hexagonal crystals. Our Aquamarine tumble stones come from Brazil. In 13th century Italy the lenses of eye glasses were made from beryl as glass could not be made sufficiently clear.

Aquamarine is seen as a calming stone. It is used to bring peace and tranquillity to the nerves and banishing phobias; a great physical, mental and emotional balancer.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. It is a 16th and 19th anniversary stone.
Aquamarine Birth Stone

Aventurine Tumble Stones

Aventurine Tumble Stones

Aventurine is a type of quartz. The stones seem to shimmer due to their translucency and tiny inclusions of mineral platelets. This optical effect is called aventurescence . Chrome-bearing fuchsite makes Aventurine green. Our stones come from Zimbabwe

It is believed to centre you whilst inspiring independence, well-being and health. It reinforces decisiveness, amplifies leadership qualities and reduces fears and anxiety. It is the Chakra stone of the heart.

Aventurine is a birthstone for Cancer, for those born between 22nd June and 22nd July.Aventurine Birth Stone

Bloodstone Tumble Stones

Bloodstone Tumble Stones

Bloodstone, is a type of jasper, which is a form of chalcedony. Our tumble stones come from India. They have red inclusions of hematite, which resemble spots of blood and hence the name.

It is said that Bloodstones purify the blood, clear toxins and oxygenate the bloodstream, thus enhancing physical and mental vitality. They are used to reduce stress, inspire intuition, creativity and decision making.

Try getting a good night's sleep by keeping a bloodstone in a bowl of water next to the bed.

Carnelian Tumble Stones

Carnelian Tumble Stones

Carnelian, a variety of chalcedony with impurities of iron oxide, is brownish-red in colour. The ancient Romans engraved them to make rings with which to seal important documents with wax. Our Carnelian tumble stones come from Brazil.

They are seen as good balancers, connecting you with your inner self to aid concentration and open your heart to joy, sociability and warmth. They are said to benefit the lungs and liver.

A carnelian stone kept by your front door will invite abundance into your home. Store with other crystals to cleanse them for you.

Carnelian is the Chakra stone of the sacral. It is a birthstone for Virgo, for people born between 22nd August and 22nd September.
Carnelian Birth Stone

Citrine Tumble Stones

Citrine Tumble Stones

Citrine, a variety of quartz, is named from the Latin for yellow, although the colour ranges from pale yellow to brown. It is a semi-precious stone which forms when amethyst is subjected to great heat. Our tumble stones come from Brazil.

Healers believe Citrine is good for emotional well-being, preventing self-destructive tendencies and raising your self-esteem. It is considered to attract abundance and is the Chakra stone of the solar plexus.

Citrine is a 17th anniversary stone and an alternative November birthstone.
Citrine Birth Stone

Fluorite Tumble Stones

Fluorite Tumble Stones

Fluorite varies in colour from clear to green to purple. The ancient Romans mined it in England to make tables and goblets. Our fluorite tumble stones come from China.

It is viewed as a powerful healer, having a stabilizing effect on emotions and influencing the structure and strength of the human body. Keep a fluorite stone by your computer to protect yourself from the negative energy of electromagnetic smog that computers generate.

Use it in meditation to bring greater concentration and communicate with the higher and more abstract concepts of the inner self.

Fluorite is a birthstone for Pisces for those born between 19th February and 20th March.Fluorite Birth Stone

Hematite Tumble Stones

Hematite Tumble Stones

Hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide and is mined as the main ore of iron. It has a black or silver-grey colour. Our tumble stones come from Brazil and China.

Hematite enhances personal magnetism, will and courage. It is believed to be beneficial for blood flow, stress and the nerves.

It is a birthstone for Scorpio, for people born between 24th October and 22nd November. Hematite Birth Stone


Jasper is an opaque, impure variety of silica.

Brecciated Jasper Tumble Stones

Jasper is brecciated when it is composed of broken fragments that have been consolidated, creating patterns. It is the presence of hematite that makes Brecciated Jasper red. Our Brecciated Jasper tumble stones are from South Africa.
Brecciated Jasper Tumble Stone

Brecciated Jasper is used to control emotions, calm the nerves and stop you feeling overwhelmed. Healers believe it will encourage you to find happiness in everything you do and that it will hasten recovery from illness. It is the Chakra stone of the root or base.

Dalmatian Jasper Tumble Stones

Dalmatian Jasper is a creamy-coloured, opaque stone with distinctive black spots. The patterns arise during the consolidation process, in the silica rich sediment or volcanic ash. Our Dalmatian Jasper tumble stones come from Mexico.
Dalmatian Jasper Tumble Stone

Healers use Dalmatian Jasper to combat exhaustion and boredom and to infuse life with joy and fun. It is believed that the blackspots suck up negative energy and encourage a good night's sleep. It is a Chakra stone of the root or base.

Howlite Tumble Stone

Howlite Tumble Stones

Howlite is commonly used to make decorative objects such as carvings or jewellery components. As it is porous, it can easily be dyed to imitate other minerals. It is particularly similar to turquoise because of the veining patterns. Our Howlite comes from Zimbabwe.

Healers believe it can induce calm and soften negative emotions. It is believed to be good for teeth and bones. Carry a stone with you to absorb negativity.

Howlite is a birthstone for Aquarius, for those born between 21st January and 18th February.Howlite Birth Stone

Quartz Tumble Stone

Quartz Tumble Stones

Quartz is like glass with inclusions, milky, cloudy or even opaque areas. Each crystal has six sides, like a snowflake, which the ancient Greeks believed to be frozen ice that would never thaw. Our Quartz stones come from Brazil.

Quartz, the Master Healer, is valued for mystical powers, able to work on any condition. It is good for the brain and the soul, dispelling negativity, and is programmable.

Quartz enhances the energy of other stones and opens the Chakras. It is a birthstone for Leo, for those born between 23rd July and 21st August.
Clear Quartz Birth Stone

Rose Quartz Tumble Stone

Rose Quartz Tumble Stones

Rose Quartz can be pale pink to rose red, due to traces of iron and titanium in the quartz. These stones come from Namibia.

It is known as the "love stone", enhancing relationships and bringing warmth and love. It is said to ease stress or tension and assist sleep. Learn to love yourself with this stone. Keep a stone in the relationship areas of your home; your bedroom and the far right corner of your home as you view it from your front door.

Rose Quartz may be used to balance all the Chakras. It is a birthstone for Taurus, for people born between 21st April and 21st May.
Rose Quartz Birth Stone

Snowflake Obsidian Tumble Stone

Snowflake Obsidian Tumble Stones

Snowflake Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, formed in igneous rock when flowing lava cools rapidly. It is hard and its sharp edge makes a good cutting tools. The snowflake pattern is produced by small, white, clustered crystals of cristobalite in the black glass.

A stone of purity, bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit. It is said to be beneficial to the skin and veins.

Snowflake Obsidian is a birthstone for Capricorn, for those born between 22nd December to 20th January.
Snowflake Obsidian Birth Stone

Sodalite Tumble Stone

Sodalite Tumble Stones

Sodalite is a rich blue stone with white specks and veins of white calcite. It is named for its high sodium content. Our tumble stones come from Brazil.

It is said to calm and clear the mind, bringing joy and relieving a heavy heart. Use it to boost self expression and aid creativity. It is the stone of logic and rational thought. Sodalite is believed to aid the metabolism and lymphatic system.

Sodalite is a birthstone for Sagittarius, for people born between 23rd November to 21st December.
Sodalite Birth Stone

Tiger Eye Tumble Stone

Gold Tiger Eye Tumble Stones

Tiger Eye is a type of quartz. The brown and gold stripes look just like the eye of a tiger. The silky, lustrous appearance results from the parallel growth of quartz crystals and altered fibres that have mostly turned into limonite.

Known as the confidence stone, it is believed to inspire brave but sensible behaviour. A very grounding and balancing friend to the user, it is believed to aid the entire digestive system.

Tiger Eye is a birthstone for Gemini for people born between 22nd May and 21st June.
Tiger Eye Birth Stone

Turquenite Tumble Stones

Turquenite Tumble Stones

Turquenite is magnesite which has been dyed turquoise-blue. Our Turquenite tumble stones come from China.

Turquenite is used to stimulate passion and heart-felt love. It is said to aid the treatment of fever and chills.

Place a stone next to your bed to help you remember and understand your dreams.

Caring for Your Crystals

Cleanse your crystals regularly and always before first use to remove any energies they have assimilated through being handled by others. For most stones, this can be done by washing them, leaving them in sunlight or moonlight for a cycle or smudging through incense smoke.

Delicate stones, those that are soluble, layered or friable, should not be washed but may be cleansed in brown rice instead.

Activate your crystals before first use by holding each stone in your hands, focusing your concentration on it and saying out loud, "I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all who come into contact with it". If you intend to use the crystal for a specific purpose then state that purpose clearly.


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